How much time do you spend in bed?

Hours, days, nights we lay awake in bed, we grow in bed, we love in bed we get the best

ideas in bed

We dream in our bed and that’s where we get the power to make are dreams come true.

We spend a third of our life in bed.

That time has to be the best!

In 2003 we launched bknit, The two of us Maya Kalderon and Hagit Sade.

We bring a lot of experience in design, teaching and advertising.

Since we launched bknit, we make dreams come true by creating? the best

Sleeping invierment.

For over ten years we offer a very large range of home products: bedding sets, knitted

throws decorative pillows and leisure wear.

All our products are design coordinated and very easy care.

We have travelled all around the world and learn from the best in every field, have also

learned from you, our customers. We have used all of the knowledge to produce the best

product in terms of quality and design.

We are involved in every stage of the production process :choosing threads , designing

fabrics and textures, highly innovated finishing, accessories and packaging. We also make

sure that all of our products are easy care.

We see B.knit as part of the community and it is important for us that all our products are

manufactured in Israel

We are always happy to see you in one of our stores

Hagit & Maya