Our products are made out of 100% ringed spun combed knitted cotton.
Jersey fabrics can be modeled by different designs, that are always soft and very cozy.

Jersey fabric, unlike woven fabric, is not measured by thread count but in gm. per square meters.
Our standard is 160gm. Per square meter.

Jersey sheets are easy to use, they are made 100% cotton and we recommend
washing them in 30degrees and to tumble dry them after.
On every item there is a c/c label sewed inside with washing instructions.

Our knitted throws and bed covers are made from 100% cotton.
We recommend machine wash 30 degrees and tumble dry after.
Tumble drying make the product "fluffy" and soft.
The throws and bed spreads do not shrink in the dryer.
We do not recommend line drying for these items since they might stretch.

Our leaser wear are made from different fabrics. Each item has a c/c label
sewed inside with washing instructions.
In general we do not recommend tumble drying our leaser wear.
For any further questions please contact us at infobknit@gmail.com

We have a wide range of sizes and set options , next to each product you can open a

size chart with explanations. Bedding sets contain several items :

Fitted sheet – that is for the mattress
Douvet cover – for the blanket
Pillow case – for the pillow
For any questions please contact us at infobknit@gmail.com

Please email infobknit@gmail.com should you find that a color or size you are
interested in is displayed as being unavailable on our website. We will be able to advise if the item is available for pre-order and will give you an estimate on how long the wait will be.

Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive and happy experience shopping with bknit.
We gladly receive feedback on what you are looking for to consider for future ranges.
Please contact infobknit@gmail.com  with any preferences.